The art and science of Matchmaking

“Matchmaking” or if you prefer the term “Marriage” is a concept that has existed for nearly 40 years in Quebec. In its early days, this type of service had a pejorative reputation for being aimed at people in need of resources. This idea has come a long way since then and gained popularity with quite other customers. Over time, this way of doing things has been greatly popularized by our neighbors to the south in the United States and has been the platform for various successful reports and television shows. Presented at the time as a luxury service, "Matchmaking" seemed to be aimed more at wealthy people or well-known personalities. For all these years, "Matchmaking" has become more democratic and has therefore become, for a growing majority, THE smart and logical way to meet. All these people, who have absolutely nothing uninteresting, come to the same conclusion: It is not that hard to meet a person these days, what is more so is to meet a person who really suits us! Meanwhile, life and time continue to pass.

Coach in love

After having been in a relationship or even single for several years, who has never had the impression of losing certain bearings when taking part in a first meeting? What are good manners and ethical rules for men and women in 2022? What are the subjects to favor and to proscribe? How to receive and validate signs of interest? What are the pitfalls to avoid and the mistakes not to make? How do you seduce, be confident and captivate the other person? How to communicate and balance the dialogue? How to eliminate stress, have fun and have a good time? All these questions and many others can be answered by Marie-France Archibald and her team! Marie-France is a close partner of AMORA and has extensive human experience, sometimes a coach, sometimes a speaker, she can accompany and guide you in order to make your first meeting (and the following ones) a resounding success!

The latest technology

In order to excel in its field and while some agencies still use manual or obsolete methods to carry out research and presentations, AMORA is at the cutting edge of technology and has acquired powerful, secure databases, as well as powerful tools and algorithms, allowing elaborate research and establishing percentages of compatibilities between its candidates BEFORE making the introductions. This therefore allows you to access the good potentials and above all to avoid missing out on great opportunities, so to be able to benefit as a member from all the possibilities in order to increase your chances of SUCCESS as soon as possible.


A lot of people feel like they are up to date in their attire ... Until they meet a professional stylist! In a meeting process, and like a well-known personality, it is very important to align your image with your own personality in order to ensure a certain consistency between being and appearing. This is exactly where stylists come in! Hiring a stylist doesn't mean recycling your wardrobe. Surprisingly, a smart stylist will be able to shop for you and with you so that they can suggest a few additions or combinations with what you already have. All so that you can feel better about yourself! You will be amazed at the outcome and this will definitely impact your confidence and level of attraction.


What are you waiting for?

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