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Because we know that your professional activities, family obligations and social life can sometimes complicate your life.  Amora offers you an understanding, flexible and accommodating customer service.  Whether by a request for information via our website or a phone call on our toll-free line, it will be our pleasure to be able to facilitate the first contact with you and answer all your questions during the day, evening and even on weekends. During this phone interview, our customer success specialists will be able to inform you about our various services, our operation, our eligibility conditions, determine the possible issues according to your situation and finally provide all the details relating to our available packages.  Following this and if the idea enchants you, you can then entrust us with the mandate of your meeting project and start the adventure with AMORA.



AMORA is convinced that it can complete and succeed each of its clients' eligible meeting projects within a period of six (6) months following registration.  In the event that success is not at the rendezvous at the end of this period.  Amora undertakes to review the customer file in full, propose alternative solutions if necessary and, depending on the package selected, extend its services free of charge for a period of up to twenty-four (24) additional months or until the success of the meeting project depending on the package selected and the first eventuality.  *Certain conditions may apply.

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