There is nothing embarrassing in taking the means to achieve happiness, more and more people are testifying and expressing themselves freely on the subject. Do like many singles, make a wise and intelligent decision in anticipation of your next romantic relationship, depending on whether it's the right one! Choose Amora to accompany you!

"5 stars agency !"

I did business with several agencies a few years ago and I met my current spouse there with one of them. Knowingly and unequivocally, the services offered by Amora surpass anything on the market. If you are a professional and you don't have time to waste and want to bite into life with the right person, Amora is a smart company and it caters to the right clientele for that. I highly recommend them.


Real estate developer

"Three little points..."

The failure rate of traditionally formed couples is possibly due to the fact that these couples adopt an equally traditional way of life without giving way to a touch of madness. Amora offers a non-traditional approach, so three little points:)


Education manager

"A really interesting concept!"

Amora is an advantageous and really suitable for singles looking for a long-term relationship!


Web solution advisor

"An unconventional method!"


"Amora presents an original and unconventional method, it literally reinvents and revolutionizes the world of celibacy in a better way!"


Restaurant supervisor

"A 2.0 Tinder "

Amora has really thought of everything! This is a serious process, which completely surpasses other means of meeting! I really like it!


Financial planner

"A turnkey formula"

Amora is a turnkey formula that I find very pleasant! The process avoids false accounts, outdated photos, and therefore unpleasant surprises, well done!


Production Supervisor

A refreshing way to meet!"

It's new, pure Love! Genuine and professional service that really helps in finding the right person for a long-term romantic relationship.


Education savings plan representative

The meeting evolves!

It's a new approach, I imagine that we are there!


Hotel management

Lasting relationships in the spotlight

Amora is a company that really wants to help people be a couple, it is a high-end personalized service!


Wealth management

A timely service!

Amora is a high-end dating service for professionals, people arranged with affinities. I recommend Amora. It is definitely a timely service, an added value in the world of celibacy.


Human resources consultant

A good way to find the rare pearl

The meeting concept is quite innovative, very interesting and very personalized, a good way to find that rare pearl!



Meet differently

I think this is great news for singles, a way to meet other than in a standard dating site.



A big bravo!

I find this a great concept for singles to eliminate the unexpected, a smart way to meet!


Director of banking

AMORA, the name says it all!

A fantastic way to support single people in their efforts, wow!


Mortgage broker

"Love within the reach of singles"

I have been married, happy and in a relationship for over 20 years. Unfortunately, I find that the people around me are not all equally fortunate. In my opinion, Amora is an agency that really promotes long-term relationships in the way it does business. A must-watch option for singles looking for true love.


Senior financial coach

"The support is there"

I'm a man in my forties, I was in a relationship for ten years before I found celibacy last year. At the work level, I have a certain confidence and consider myself a bit like a "professional alpha male". However, with women, I don't always have the same poise and despite the fact that I present myself quite well physically, this bothered me a bit. When I signed up with Amora, I discussed this aspect with them and I was delighted to know that I could be given a helping hand in this regard with the coaching services.


Sales director

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