Why don't you rely on life or luck to meet someone?

The answer to this question, many people get it (or endure it) through their life experiences. Currently, we are regularly the sad spectators (and sometimes even the actors) of the effectiveness of the traditional method of meeting since on average, nearly 50% of couples do not exceed 10 to 15 years together. In a separation (it doesn't matter who makes the decision), then we realize how much it costs, not only financially, but also emotionally, to rely on chance and have to start from scratch.

Here at AMORA, the goal is not to introduce you to "Someone", because "someone" you can easily find on your own, but rather to introduce you to THE right person. Also, we believe that in general there are no bad people, only bad combinations. Our services give you access to people who are interested, interesting and who are really right for you.

My co-worker met through a dating site and it seems to be working

A dating site is essentially a game of chance and like at the lottery there will always be winners, but ultimately many more losers as long as the goal is a long-term relationship.

The problem does not necessarily come from the sites,  but rather from the users who frequent them and who often lose the objectivity of their initial approach as well as the loyalty to the promising candidates with whom they are in contact. If this avenue seems good to your curiosity, it is one way you must get for yourself to form your own opinion.

Websites allow you to meet thousands of people, this solution seems interesting to me, what is your opinion ?

Indeed, it is a popular way and it cannot be ignored. The most frequented dating sites allow you to be in contact with a large number of candidates simultaneously. The problem is that it is the same for the candidates you covet. So let's answer that question with another question, what happens when all registrants are spoiled for choice?

Are websites more economical ?

Apparently yes, some sites will be able to offer you low-cost packages compared to a specialized service. However, if your goal is a long term relationship, you will find that, even free, this option is more expensive in the end considering the time it will waste.

More concretely, you have to consider this:  the time as well as all the costs associated with unsuccessful and irrelevant attempts, you will quickly reach the cost of an intermediate package for a specialized service. The people who hire us find life passes quickly and simply made the right calculation.

I have heard disturbing stories about virtual dating, are your services safe ?

The issue of security comes up regularly. For our part, the clientele is met personally by interview and we ask for an identity document to complete the registration. In addition, a criminal background check is performed for each registration and all of our members are required to sign a Consent in this regard.

Some agencies claim to have thousands of members, how many do you have?

It is important to pay attention to the terminology used for marketing purposes by these companies. First, see if it isn't more about "registrations" and don't hesitate to ask what is meant by "registration". From a reliable source, some agencies count a simple request for information as a "registration" (in their database registers) and there are not yet agencies in Quebec with thousands of active members.

For our part, we believe that the important data is rather the quantity of members currently available for a presentation. At AMORA, this number fluctuates continuously and we set ourselves the goal of never exceeding 1000 to 1500 active members in our database, because our goal is not to accumulate members, but to accumulate couples. Thus, the older a customer file at AMORA, the more it will be treated as a priority, this is part of our commitment to our customers.

What is the difference between your approach and a traditional dating agency?

So here we are! You have asked all your questions, you have obtained your answers and finally, you have selected an agency to support you in your meeting project. This therefore presents you with a potential, then a second, a third and so on to finally teach you after a while that your subscription has now expired and that it is time to renew it.

Most agencies will focus more on meeting or presentation opportunities. At Amora, success is what interests us and we believe that success is not just about making presentations or spending a period of time in a package, in order to free ourselves from our contractual commitment to you.

How this approach is more beneficial for me?

Our approach is more inclusive and is also interested in meeting follow-up. What is the point of making great presentations if each time, the same aspect tickles your potential during meetings and no one shares this information with you?

After being alone or in a relationship for a while, it's completely normal to lose some bearings, feel rusty, or be a little awkward when meeting a new person. , especially when the objective is a serious relationship.

After a first meeting, don't you think that it would be useful for you to be able to access the other person's impressions? How would you like to know his level of interest? What did he like / What did he dislike? In the event of a termination, would you like to know exactly what went wrong? Do you know the aspects that you could potentially improve for the next meeting? Would you like to be able to benefit from professional and specialized expertise to guide you as needed? In short, would you like people to care about your success? This is precisely the kind of service offered at AMORA.

Are your Matchmaking Services Affordable?

If we look at the number, we will simply say: More expensive than a dating site and more affordable than a traditional agency offering a comparable or similar service. More concretely, you can afford an excellent "turnkey" package at AMORA starting at $ 750, or about half the price of a weeklong trip to the Caribbean, except here, it is more of a trip of a lifetime, if not several years.

Who are your services for ?

Our services are aimed at quality single people who are looking for a lasting and inspiring relationship, people whose romantic past has been settled, who have a job or a financial capacity allowing a certain way of life, that is to be able to afford themselves minimally outings, recreation and occasional travel.

What are my chances of success through your services?

If you are looking for a lasting relationship, our success rate is definitely one of the best in the market. However, there will always be a link between this and the realism of your meeting plan. For example, a 65-year-old man with excess weight and having as an important criterion: A thin / athletic young woman of 30-35 years may, logically, encounter difficulties proportional to the difference between what it is and what he is looking for.

Besides the difference between supply and demand, are there other characteristics that may cause difficulties in my dating plan?

Smoking, certain age groups (outside people who usually seek this type of relationship), a short man / tall woman, a significant overweight, a predominant handicap, a situation marginal or limiting, many inflexible criteria are aspects that can influence the success of your dating project through our services and…. In life !

When registering, can I provide you a list of criteria to meet ?

AMORA has a different approach compared to other agencies. This is based on a complete affinity survey with the possible integration of important criteria and not only on a list of items to be respected. This allows us to establish a percentage of compatibility between you and your potentials, in order to present you with those with whom you have the highest rates of affinity for a long-term relationship.

How is an affinity survey is more convincing of success then a list of pre-established criteria ?

To make a funny analogy, let's take the example of a visit to the dealership where you shop for a new vehicle and decide on the color and choice of all possible accessories. When it comes to personalized dating, it's a bit like the vehicle has its own say and also has its own requirements. Consequently and to return to the human being, when an agency direct its service mainly on the respect of essential, absolute or very specific criteria of its clientele, this inevitably leads to disappointments, unreasonable delays in success and sometimes even dead ends.

Do you offer guarantees ?

Depending on the package selected and if your meeting plan is realistic, AMORA is ready to extend its services free of charge and ultimately support you to success *, see details on the AMORA 360 guarantee.

How to choose the right agency ?

First of all, there are some very good companies  in Quebec and singles are really blessed to be able to count on such diverse agencies.

Whichever you choose, there probably won't be any bad ones and there will no doubt be little details that will tip the scales in your final selection. Obviously, trust must be established between you and the agency that will lead your meeting project, so it is important to choose a company with whom you will feel good, in confidence and above all, which it will know how to respond to your needs. A simple visit to the company’s website, a courtesy call and a few questions will quickly get you clues about the agency in question and inform your decision.

What are the important questions to raise during my research?

Here are a some:

  • Is the company transparent with you?
  • Are the prices of the services easily spotted on the website or are they "hidden" in a subsection?
  • Why ?
  • Does she agree to tell you the price of her services over the phone? If not why ? Does the company ask you to come around before revealing important information about its services to you?
  • Is the company in the business with target customers? If so, can the photos attest to this on its website?
  • Are these photos identified with dates and linked to specific events?
  • Otherwise, are they a few months recent or rather seem to be a few years old?
  • If new publications are suddenly added, what has happened all these years, is it just in reaction to this questioning?
  • Do the photos of the customers present in the activities show that the business is for the target customers you are looking for?

All these questions and many others will allow you to get on the track and correctly assess the type of business, target customers, business model, corporate values, as well as the level of engagement of an agency to its customers.

Do you guarantee a frequency of meetings?

Yes and no. Amora will actively  be working on your case and providing you with presentations as frequent, relevant and compatible as possible, but the house policy is very clear, we do not make presentations just to "make presentations", or to sell any package. If at the expiration of your package, you have not benefited from conclusive meetings, we will be happy to extend your package free of charge under the terms of the AMORA 360 guarantee.

Can I have access to several profiles at the same time so that I can give myself some options?

Hopefully not ! Unlike dating sites, each presentation is unique, carefully selected and in addition, we offer you exclusivity, a real chance to carry out this proposal and to be able to develop it into a lasting and inspiring relationship. All without having to fear any form of unfair competition from several other candidates without your knowledge.

Do you provide photos of the candidates before the meeting?

Yes ! Some agencies prefer not to exchange photos on some of their packages, for our part, we advocate transparency. During the introductions and depending on the selected package, we offer different shots of the potential. These photos also have the advantage of being authentic, recent and representative.

How can I guide my decision for the type of service that i'll to choose?

Whether it's for Amora, dating sites or even other agencies, what they have in common is that these are for-profit businesses and the goal of a for-profit business is to make a profit. As a consumer, you will then have to come to terms with this reality and assess which business model is most compatible with the success of your dating project.

First, there are the dating sites that will usually bill you on a monthly basis. So the longer you are single, the more income these businesses will earn. Then, and for an agency that bills you for a number of meetings or presentations, the more meetings or presentations (it does not matter which), the more it will sell your package and the faster it will collect your money. For an agency like AMORA that invoices for a fixed price within a period of time and is committed to success, the sooner you will fall in love, the less time it will work on your file and the more it will make a good profit. It's that simple !

What sets AMORA apart from other agencies?

Amora's #1 asset is the quality of its clientele and the team that composes it.

Amora benefits from the expertise of several members and advisors in its team, accumulating many years of experience in the field of personalized dating in Quebec and other related fields. All this, taking advantage of the latest technical and technological advances in its sector, which advantageously distinguishes it from its older competitors.

Additionally, AMORA is certified by the Matchmaking Institute, NY, and therefore adheres to the highest standards of ethics, competence, and customer service in its field. Being a leader in a market is not just words written on a website, rather it is the ability to positively influence one's industry, to inspire action, to possess good corporate values ​​and to good business practices, broaden horizons and set the tone for what needs to be done and how to get it done. This is what AMORA is!

"Working to make people happy is a privilege and an incredible source of gratification, having the means and ability to do so is another."

Where does AMORA recruit its new members?

Some agencies will remain passive and will simply wait for calls or requests for information to recruit new members. AMORA  is in action, and  believe in being present on the ground among people (and singles) in various professional, promotional and thematic activities.

Will my photo and profile be published on your website?

Absolutely not, unlike dating sites, AMORA is a complete confidential service. However and on a voluntary basis, our members may submit testimonials which may, at their discretion and if they wish, be published confidentially or not on our website or social networks.

Some agencies do psychometric tests to assess people, what do you think of this approach?

Psychometric tests generally serve the interests of companies in the labor market.They make it possible to identify specific profiles or skills to fill strategic jobs. However, and at relatively high cost, these tests must also be analyzed by industrial psychologists to ensure their validity and to be interpreted correctly. In our field and when it comes to finding a life time  partner, we believe that affinities are much more important than skills and that is why we have chosen to use your money differently.

Some agencies claim that it is essential to be well established and to meet personally with the person who will take care of my file to complete my meeting plan, what do you think?

More than ever, we believe that concrete, infrastructure and hardwood flooring have nothing to do with any success in this area. AMORA is an avant-garde concept and indeed has a head office and rental offices to accommodate its customers as needed. Moreover, our goal is not to dazzle you with beautiful desks, leather sofas, decor, halogens, etc. Essentially, our office is at your home and we favor video meeting in order to use your money where it really matters, which is on your dating plan.

In addition at AMORA, we work as a team, the person who will proceed to your registration will have, depending on the selected package, the possibility of collaborating in your file and you will also be in close contact with the Matchmaking team assigned to your meeting project. throughout the process.

I'm not quite ready for this sort of thing, should I wait instead of rushing my decision?

The answer is YES. Our members are people who have made peace with their past and who are enthusiastic about building a inspiring relationship. If you are just coming out of a relationship, or are not completely ready for such a process, you might want to wait a little longer. However, on the other hand, avoid procrastinating and continually postponing this kind of project in terms of years since it is important to make it clear that your full potential as a single person is still in the present. Therefore, you are not the same person to match today as you will be in 5, 10 or even 15 years.


What are you waiting for?

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