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Packages Prices

899 $

1 750 $

2 750 $

6 000 $

Personalized registration interview

Introduction, identification, file opening, complete affinity survey, taking a photo for reference, review of the contract and conditions, selection of your package.

At home, in a public place or at our offices

Complete affinity survey

In addition to preliminary information, the information collected touches on the main areas of interest: romantic, social, family, professional, leisure, entertainment, physical activity, lifestyle, diet, and many others.

Data used to establish combinations and percentage of compatibility

Taking reference photos

Reference photos are used as something important. They allow us to classify the silhouette of our members in the correct index, but also to ensure that the official photos provided subsequently are authentic, recent and representative.

Photos for classification

Portfolio creation

Complete review of all interview data, criminal background check, selection of photos and creation of client file.

File approval and assembly of images and data

Support by the Matchmakers

Analysis of the affinity survey and preliminary verification through all the files of the member base (active or not) in order to align a list of potentials. If a potential member is on temporary leave, it will still be identified and annotated in the event that it reactivates.

Preliminary analysis and research

Interaction with our Matchmakers

E-mail communication

When you need to discuss your file, you can reach us by email, it will be our pleasure to respond to you within forty-eight (48) hours.

Possibility to reach us by email

Flexibles communications

When you need to discuss your file, you can reach us by email or by phone if your situation requires immediate attention.

Possibility to reach us by email or phone


Priority communications

When you need to discuss your file, we are assure you that you'll be able to reach us in priority and in flexible hours according to your needs.




Package Features

Preferences allowed

This feature allows you to indicate a number of preferences allowed in order to further refine and personalize searches

Variable number according to the selected package





Searches frequency

Depending of the chosen package, the frequency of searches is increased, which allows for closer monitoring of potential candidates.

Occurrences vary according to the selected package





Relevant and targeted presentations

Our Matchmakers carry out research in the member base by descending the affinity percentages, when an interesting score is identified, a validation of the important criteria is made and if it's conclusive, we proceed to an introduction between the 2 candidates.

According to the compatibility rate and important criteria

Post-dating retrospection

After a meeting, we conduct a survey with the 2 candidates in order to collect impressions. The Intro package offers basic information (Interest Yes / No), while the other packages offer much more detailed information.

Impressions of the other person after the meeting





Priority of access to candidates

When a new person is introduced to the member base or is reactivated following a temporary stoppage (Beginning of a relationship), the Executive, Premium and Privilege members have access according to an order of priority

New registrations / reactivations


3rd priority

2nd priority

Absolute priority

Enhancement of your profile

Depending on the package selected and during a presentation, we contact the person proposed in order to promote your application, we present your strengths, we reassure on the points that could be of concern and we also defend our positions by explaining how we let us see in this possibility a potentially interesting opportunity in the medium and long term.

From the proposed candidates


Accepted recommendations

On certain packages and based on past, present and future interviews, our agents have the opportunity to get involved in a client file and to make recommendations of potentially interesting candidates.

By the team who knows the reality


Management of the first meeting

Selection of a location by Amora, we take care of invitations and reservations, applicants will receive instructions in advance, separate bills will be issued on site and which must be paid separately by each. The goal of the meeting is not to create connections, just to have a good time and discover the person in front of you. Candidates must complete a survey following the activity, if it is favorable for everyone, we will exchange contact details.

Support for invitations and reservations





Optional services

Professional photoshoot

Profressional photoshoot : Preparation, session of approximately 30 minutes in front of the lens, retouching and processing of the image, production of 3 finished photos (Portrait, full size, free), release of rights in your favor and that of AMORA





Lovers Coaching

60-minute coaching session, identification of your comfort zones and opportunities, advice, information, scenarios and action plan in order to equip you correctly.

Marie-France Archibald 's team




Mandate Heart hunter

A mandate is given to people appointed from our network in order to speed up your meeting plan and, if necessary, offer a courtesy presentation to a non-member if the profile presents very interesting matches

Active research



Introductory meeting, general assessment and taking action, review of the current wardrobe, recommendations and budgeting, pre-shopping and set aside by the stylist, accompanied return to stores with the person, final selection , preparation for the shooting photo.

Personalized service




Warrantly AMORA 360

Free extension of services

According to certain specifications

In case of failure

Up to 6 additional months *

Up to 12 additional months *

Up to 18 additional months *

Up to 24 additional months *

Complete review of the file

According to specifications

In case of failure

Identification of opportunities

Proposal of honest and concrete solutions in order to correct the situation, change the trend and achieve the desired result

In case of failure

Contractual breaks authorized

Whether it is during a trip, an overload of work, the beginning of a relationship, a convalescence or any other reason at your discretion, you have the possibility of placing your file on temporary stop, as long as you are available again, without additional costs, penalties or restrictions.

In case of unavailability


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